After Address Groups have been created, they do not appear on HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console.



The Address Groups have been created on Microsoft 365 Admin Console; however, those groups do not appear under the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console page.


The synchronization between Microsoft 365 and HENNGE Email DLP usually takes up to 12 hours.

After 12 hours have passed, the group information that is synchronized is the "Display Name", but not the ID; therefore, when you enter to search for the group, please enter the Display Name.

If you cannot find the targeted group after entering the "Display Name", please contact the Customer Success Guide for further investigation. It would be helpful if you take a screenshot of the group information below.

<Group Setting>
On the Microsoft 365 Admin Console, please enter the Group options and click on the Group Name of the group that you wish to configure on HENNGE Email DLP in order to view the detailed information of the group.




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