New Release:HENNGE Email Archive May 2019

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

This is the update information of the new feature released in May 2019 for our HENNGE Email Archive service.

We have added the Email Archive Header Download feature to allow users to download all of the Email that matches the search result.

[Feature Specification]
・After the Download "Job" is registered, the job will queue and run in the background.
・The system will allow up to 3 jobs to be registered simultaneously at the same time. After any of the job is finished, new jobs can be registered.
・The information available in the background download job are the following:
 Date, Subject, To, Cc, Header from, Attachment(True/False), Envelope to, Envelope from, Size(bytes)
・The format of the downloaded file is in CSV format.

1.After Email Search shows up relevant search result, click on the [Download] on the top right.

2.Select the [Email Headers Only (Background Job)] option, and click on [Download].Screen_Shot_2020-03-05_at_13.49.39.png

3.Open the [Header Download] in the left menu, search for a specific job and click on the link to obtain the file for jobs that have already [Done].
 The job can take up to few hours to complete.

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