Release Information:HENNGE Secure Browser for PC July 2019

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

We would like to announce the release of HENNGE Secure Browser for PC, in July 2019.

Along with the company/service name change on February 1, 2019,  the service name and app icon used for HENNGE Secure Browser for PC will change.

- This change is applicable only for new installations or re-installations of the app.
- The following change is not applicable for the app you previously installed, but the app will be still usable.
- You can download the latest app at HENNGE Official Site
- For an installation guide, please refer to the article "HENNGE Secure Browser : PC App Setup guide."


*Service Name
OLD)HED Secure Browser
NEW)HENNGE Secure Browser

*Download File
NEW)HENNGE Secure Browser.exe

*App Icon




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