How to prevent Emails of certain members to go through HENNGE Email DLP (Google Workspace)

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How to prevent Emails of certain members to go through HENNGE Email DLP?

The setting below will prevent the relay of Emails of certain senders through HENNGE Email DLP.

Before Configuration
 This procedure requires the utilization of the Organization feature in Google Workspace, and the configured Organization in Google Workspace will have Email relay disabled.
 Since one user can only belong to one organization at the same time, if that user has already been assigned an organization, please consult with HENNGE Customer Success Guide for support.
 Finally, this configuration can also be applied for the HENNGE Email Archive service. However, please make sure that it does not conflict with the HENNGE Email DLP service.

  1. Please access the Google Workspace Admin Console ( and open the [Directory] > [Organizational Unit].

  2. Please create a new Organization under the parent Organization (HENNGE Email DLP disabled organization).

  3. Please select the [User] in the menu and move the users to the organization that was created in Step 2. in order to disable HENNGE Email DLP for those users.

  4. Go to [Apps] > [Google Workspace] > [Gmail] > [Advanced Setting], and open the Organization that was created during Step 2. in order to turn off the HENNGE One Email DLP service for that organization.

  5. After you finish, please don't forget to click on the bottom right to save.


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