How to get PUSH notification from the Help Center

If you go to the [Information] or [Release] and enable the follow, you will be notified of new information when they are released via Email.

The following will guide you how to enable this feature.

< Procedure >

  1. Please login to HENNGE One Help Center Home Page.
    Please click on the [Login] link on the top right of the page.
    You can login with either a Google or Microsoft account.


  2. After login, please go to the [Release] or [Information].



    Please click on [Follow] link on the top right and choose either [New Articles] or [New Article and Comments].

    If the text has changed from [Follow] to [Following], the setup has been completed.
    After you enabled the following feature, Email will be sent automatically after new articles are published.

  3. If you want to disable the following feature and the Email, please change from [Following] to [Follow].

< The Published Information >

[Release] Articles include all information regarding our service updates.
[Information] Articles include all information that are related to our support hours and holidays.

< About the Notification Email >

If we have deemed information to be urgent and of great importance, we will update those information and publish them in the articles. The PUSH notification Email will be sent to the Following Emails Mailing List when they are published.

< About Login Accounts >

We will send PUSH Notification Email to those Email addresses that have been registered int the Following feature in the Help Center.
We will update information irregularly.
In order to enable follow or disable follow, please follow the procedure above.

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