HENNGE Secure Browser Installation (Windows)


To user who wants to use HENNGE Secure Browser on windows


Install HENNGE Secure Browser to windows 


1.The screen will show differently depends on your phone model and OS version.

2.This article was written on Sep 2109. We will announce if there are any changes in the future.

3.  Please check this link Supported environments for HENNGE One before you start to install the browser


1. Installation

1.1.Please go to this page HENNGE Secure Browser and choose Windows-64 bit to download the browser.


1.2.Save the software anyplace you like.


1.3. Open the file you just download and the installation will show like the picture below.




2. Initial settings

2.1. Open HENNGE Access Control User Portal and click [ ▼ ] on the top right. Then choose HENNGE Secure Browser Settings.



2.3. Click New Device Authentication.

2.4. Click "Copy As Text"


2.7.Open the HENNGE Secure Browser on your PC and paste the text like the picture below.


2.8. Once the initial setting is finished, it will show the following message on your screen.


2.9.The admin user will give the permission so please wait. 

 ※If admin set HENNGE Secure Policy as "Auto device authentication", user can use the browser right away.


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