Domain Screenshot (Office 365)


For HENNGE One Environment Creation or when new domains add request are needed by the IT Administrator.


If you wish to create a new HENNGE One environment or wish to add new domains to your current HENNGE One environment, please take a screenshot of the new Office 365 Domain panel and send us the screenshot.


1. The page layout of the Domain will differ depending on your client OS, version and model.

2. This article was last updated on 2019 Aug.


1. Open the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Access Microsoft 365 Admin Center from a browser and open [ Setup ] → [ Domain ].

Microsoft 365 Admin Center (New)


Microsoft 365 Admin Center (Old)


2. Get the domain screenshot 

Use command like Print  Screen to get the screenshot and save it as image file like jpg or png.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center (New)


Microsoft 365 Admin Center (Old)


3. Send the screenshot 

Please send the domain screenshoot at step 2 to the HENNGE staff.

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