HENNGE Email DLP service permission setting on Microsoft 365



Customers who use HENNGE Email DLP as the solution to the wrong transmission on Microsoft 365.


To start using HENNGE Email DLP, the customer needs to do settings on Microsoft 365 side to give connecting permission.


1. Before you start to follow the procedure, make sure you have Microsoft 365 admin account.

2. This article was last updated on 2019 September.  There is a possibility we change some procedures without any announcement in the future.

3. All procedures in this article need to be implemented at least once before using HENNGE Email DLP service.

4. Due to the update on Microsoft 365 side and HENNGE side, some procedures(screenshots) might look differently.  


1.  Please check the URL for HENNGE Email DLP.

HENNGE Email DLP URL for Admin should include the customer's main domain. 
Please change the "MainDomain" part to your own main domain in the following URL. 


For example, if your main domain is "example.com", the URL should look like the URL below.


2. Please open the browser and access to HENNGE Email DLP through the URL.

Then, the Microsoft 365 login screen should come out.


3. Please use Microsoft 365 admin account to login.


4. The "Permission requested" page should come out.


5. Please put a check mark "✔️" at "Consent on behalf of your organization".


6. Then, click "accept".


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