HENNGE Secure Browser requesting for authentication during Application Update

When the HENNGE Secure Browser Application is updating in the smart device, even though the device has been authenticated, the application is requesting authentication.

 iOS: "Device Not Register" is displayed on the screen and the "Register Now!" button appears.

  ※For Application versions later than 3.0.4, the message below is shown:
   "Credentials integrity error. Please uninstall and reinstall this application."

 Android OS: "Contact your system administrator and set your device authentication from Settings." is shown.

    [Android OS]

Usually, after the application update for HENNGE Secure Browser has been completed, the device will be back to the authenticated state and can be used continually.

If the message persists after the application update is completed, please reinstall and re-authenticate your HENGNE Secure Browser App. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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