Installing Device Certificates on Android Devices (Android OS 10)

For Android 10 Devices, since IMEI feature is no longer available, only the Mac Address can be used to install. Please do not use the IMEI number for installation, but use the Mac Address for install. Android 10 devices have a special feature called Randomized Mac Address that needs to be turned off during install. Since we utilize the Mac Address to verify the device, we need to use Device's Mac Address during install. After the installation, any Mac Address can be used. (Note that this needs to be done even if the mobile network is used during installation.)

Step 1 - Open the "Settings" on your device.


Step 2 - Open the "Network & Internet" options.


Step 3 - Press the gear icon next to the wifi network that you are using.


Step 4 - Press the pencil icon in the Network details.


Step 5 - Click on the "Advanced Options" to show more.


Step 6 - Scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Randomized Mac".


Step 7 - Change the option to "Use Device Mac".


Step 8 - Click on "Save" to complete the setting change.


Step 9 - Open the notification email from CyberTrust and click on the link under [Step 1].


Step 10 - Click on the "Install" button to install the profile.


Step 11 - After installation, go back to the original email and look for the [Step 2] link.


Step 12 - Click on "Agree" to agree with the policy.


Step 13 - Enter a 6-digit passcode of your choice to obtain the certificate. Please remember this passcode for Step 15.


Step 14 - Click on the "Get Certificate" button to continue the installation.


Step 15 - Re-enter the passcode that you previously entered in Step 13.


Step 16 -Now you can open the Chrome browser on your Android device and visit the login link:  Be sure to click on the "Log in with Device Certificate" button.


Step 17 - Click "Allow" to select the actual certificate for the final login.


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