HENNGE Secure Transfer (Classic) Connection Procedure (Microsoft 365)


Customers logging in to HENNGE Secure Transfer from Microsoft 365.


Set the authentication destination of HENNGE Secure Transfer to Microsoft 365.


1. If you are using HENNGE Access Control, this setting is unnecessary.

2. The content of this article is based on the product as of March 2024 and may be subject to change without notice thereafter.

Detailed Procedures and Explanations


1. Checking the Microsoft 365 Access Environment using PowerShell

Connecting to Microsoft 365 PowerShell

2. Preparing the Configuration Values

Please prepare the document HENNGE One Connection Configuration Sheet provided by us in advance.

1. Registering HENNGE Secure Transfer with Microsoft 365

1.1. Run PowerShell as an administrator.

1.2. Connect to Microsoft 365.

Run the following command in PowerShell:


1.3. Log in with a user from the onmicrosoft.com domain of Microsoft 365 with the [Global Administrator] permission.


1.4. Execute the command to register HENNGE Secure Transfer with Microsoft 365.

Enter and execute the following commands one by one:

The customer-specific commands are listed in the sheet [HENNGE Secure Transfer] of the document HENNGE One Connection Configuration Sheet.

$uri = "https://upload.hdedrive.com/signup"

$replyUrl = "https://upload.hdedrive.com/saml2/acs"

$reply = New-MsolServicePrincipalAddresses -Address $replyUrl -AddressType Reply

New-MsolServicePrincipal -DisplayName [Customer Identifier]-hos -ServicePrincipalNames $uri -Addresses $reply

1.5. Confirm the connection.

Access the URL of HENNGE Secure Transfer listed in the document HENNGE One Login Information to confirm if login via Microsoft 365 is possible.

Example Access URL:


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