(Full Manual) HDE Secure Transfer Initial Setup (For G-Suite)

This manual will guide you on how to setup HDE Secure Transfer for G-Suite.


Set API client access on G-Suite

Step 1 - Login to Google as Admin => Go to Google Admin Console by clicking on the icon shown below.


Go to "Security" menu.


Step 2 - In "Security" settings, click on "API reference".


Step- In the "API reference" settings, check the option "Enable API access". Then, click "SAVE".


Step 4 - Scroll down. Go to "Advanced settings" menu. If you can't find the menu, click "Show more" at the bottom of the page.


Step 5 - In "Advanced settings", click on "Manage API client access".


Step 7 - In the "Manage API client access" interface, fill in the value settings that we have provided you into the two fields below, "Client Name" and "One or More API Scopes".



After completing this step, you have now successfully connected HDE Secure Transfer with your G Suite tenant.


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