(Full Manual) HENNGE Email Archive Initial Setup (for G-Suite)

This manual will guide you on how to setup HENNGE Email Archive for G-Suite:

1) Create 4 Hosts
2) Setup 4 Routings
3) Confirm Setup


1) Create 4 Hosts

Step 1 - Login to your Google Admin Console.


Step 2 - In the Admin Console, go to "Apps" => "G-Suite" => "Gmail"



Step 3 - In the "Settings for Gmail", click on "Advanced settings".



Step 4 - Go to "Hosts" tab => click on "ADD ROUTE"


Step 5 - You will have to add a total of 4 Routes. Input as shown below.

1. Archive_r_inbound


2. Archive_r_outbound


3. Archive_b_inbound


4. Archive_b_outbound


2) Setup 4 Routings

Step 1 - Switch back to "General Settings" tab. If you wish to archive emails of all users in your organizations, you can proceed to next step.

If you wish to archive emails of only some users, please create a Sub Organizational Unit and move those users into the Sub Organization. Then, come back to this General Settings page and select the Sub Organization that you have just created as shown below.

Please refer to this page on how to add Sub Organizational Unithttps://support.google.com/a/answer/182537?hl=en


Step 2 - Scroll down to "Routing" section and click "CONFIGURE" or "ADD ANOTHER" if you already have other routings set up.



Step 3 - You will have to add a total of 4 routings as shown in the table.


In the Routing setting page, please follow the instruction below with the value above. All 4 routings will have the same setting, except for the values marked in color including "Routing Name", "Messages to affect", "Change route to" and "yourdomain.com"






Step 4 - After adding all the 4 Routings, click SAVE as a final confirmation as shown below.


After completing this step, you have now completed the initial setup of HENNGE Email Archive with G-Suite. Please go down to 2) Confirm Setup to see how to confirm if the setup has been made properly.

2) Confirm Setup

Step 1 - After finished the Journal Rules setup above, send one test email to any email address of your choice.

Step 2 - Go back to Google Admin Console => go to "Reporting" menu => "Reports"


Step 3 - On the left menu bar, expand "Audit" and click "Email Log Search"


Step 4 - In the Email Log Search, input all the details of the test email you have sent out in Step 1. Then click "SEARCH"

Untitled.pngStep 5 - Once the search results show up, click on the test email log and click on the email address under Recipient details to expand the email route information.

If you find the Routings that you have previously set under the "Matched rules", this confirms that your setting has been made properly.


Note: For outbound emails, 2 Outbound Routings rules should be displayed. And for inbound emails, 2 Inbound Routings rules should be displayed.

You have now completed all the initial setup procedures of HENNGE Email Archive.


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