Add SPF Record


For customers using HENNGE Email DLP service.


To register HENNGE Email DLP SPF record into customers' DNS settings.


1. This must be performed prior to HENNGE Email DLP connection.

2. This is required for ALL custom domains that have outbound emails.

3. In the case that the customer does not have the permission to edit DNS records, please inform your Domain DNS manager, administrator to perform this procedure.


The purpose of the SPF record is that when the Emails are sent to the recipient's email server, the Email server will not recognize the Email as spam Emails.


Please add the following text to the customer's DNS Domain SPF Record.

For Example: 

・Microsoft 365

v=spf1 ~all

     ・Google Workspace

v=spf1 ~all

Reference sites

・You can verify the SPF records currently in registration.

・You can check if the format of the SPF records you want to change is correct.

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