How to synchronize groups in Google Workspace to HENNGE Email DLP service?


This applies to customers using HENNGE Email DLP as a measure for preventing email misdelivery in Google Workspace. It targets customers who synchronize group information on Google Workspace with HENNGE Email DLP.


This is to configure the necessary settings to synchronize group information on Google Workspace with HENNGE Email DLP.


1. This procedure is performed only once for the initial synchronization of group information on Google Workspace with HENNGE Email DLP.

2. The execution of this procedure requires a Google Workspace privileged administrator account.

3. Before executing the procedure, it is necessary to enable directories in Google Workspace.
Enable or disable directories

4. The content of this article is based on the product as of August 2022 and may be subject to change without notice.

Detailed Procedure and Explanation

1. Access [Google Admin Console] in Google Workspace.

2. Click [Security] - [ Access and data control ] - [API controls] from the menu.


4. Click [Add new].

5. Enter the following values on the [Add new client ID] screen.

Client ID


OAuth scope (comma-separated),

6. Confirm that the information for the added API client is displayed on the screen.

7. In the left menu of HENNGE Email DLP admin console, you can configure Google Workspace integration settings by going to [ Tenant Settings ] - [ Integrations ] 


8. Click [ Authorize ] button on the page.


9. Please input Super admin email address and clock [ Proceed ] 


10. The work is complete when "Enabled" is displayed on the [ Integrations ] page.


*Please be sure to complete 1 - 6 first. If you do not complete the work before 7, you will see the error message. Please complete the work up to 6 and then start again from  7.


How to change the Google Workspace Super Admin account integrated with DLP

Please follow the steps from 7 onwards in the "Detailed Procedure/Explanation" chapter.
At 9, please enter the email address of the new Super Admin.

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