How to set Unread Email Notification on HENNGE Secure Browser


To user who wants to use Unread Email Notification on the mobile device.


Set Unread Email Notification on the HENNGE Secure Browser.


1. The screen may looks different depends on the OS version and phone model.

2. If you don't need the Unread Email Notification on your HENNGE Secure Browser, you don't need to follow the procedure on this article.

3. This article was written on Sep 2019. We will announce if there are any changes in the future.


1. Please go to HENNGE Access Control User Portal.

 The HENNGE Access Control User Portal URL has customer domain. 
 Please replace the part to customer domain in the URL.

2. HENNGE Access Control User Portal will show differently depends on customer tenants setting. 

Pattern 1: It shows like the picture below. It has the link of HDE Email DLP and HDE Secure Transfer.


Pattern 2: It only shows the menu in the user portal like the picture below.


3. Click "HENNGE Secure Browser Settings"

Here, HENNGE Access Control User Portal will show differently depends on customer tenants setting. 

Pattern 1 : Click your account name on the top right and then choose "HENNGE Secure Browser settings".


Pattern 2 : Choose HENNGE Secure Browser like the picture below.


4. At the Authenticated Device, click "Settings"


5. Check "Send notifications only for new emails in the inbox" then click Submit

Here we use Office365 as an example.



※ It will only send you notification if there are new emails in your inbox.

6. Turn on the notification on your mobile device.

※ If you set receive all notification on your phone, please set HENNGE Secure Browser notification "Off" first then set "On"

Pattern 1 : iOS (iPhone / iPad) 


Pattern 2 : Android 


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