How to disable Archive (Microsoft 365)

for Microsoft 365


1. How to disable journal transfer

1.1. Login to the Microsoft 365 account with administrator privilege and go to [Management] - [Exchange] - [Compliance Management] - [journal rules].

・Select "HDE One journal rule1" ("HDE One ジャーナルルール1") and delete it.

・Select "HDE One journal rule2" ("HDE One ジャーナルルール1") and delete it.

*In the case that the rule name is different from the above, please confirm that "SEND JOURNAL REPORTS TO" is displayed as (This is also mentioned in the attached reference sheet.)



1-2. Click [Send undeliverable journal reports to :] and delete the address, then save the settings.
If journal rules other than those of HDE are configured, please set a new address.


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