How to disable HENNGE Access Control (G Suite)

for G Suite


1. How to disable the single sign on

Administrators, please notify each user of their G Suite login password before disabling the access control service.

For users who forget G Suite passwords, please reset the user's password on Admin console.

Reset a user's password:


1-1. Login to the G Suite Admin Console and go to [Security] > [Set up single sign-on (SSO)] and uncheck [Setup SSO with third party identity provider] .

1-2. Set the following items blank.
page URL
Sign-out page URL
Change password URL

1-3. Uncheck the following item.
Use a domain specific issuer

1-4. Confirm that the values of 1-2 and 1-3 above are set as follows and click the "SAVE" button.


2.How to delete the synchronization service

* This step is unnecessary if you do not use our synchronization service. (HDE One Directory Sync)

[How to uninstall the HDE One synchronization service]
Please proceed with the following steps on a Windows server where the HDE One synchronization service is installed.

2-1. Go to [Control Panel] > [Programs and Features] and uninstall the following programs.
HDE One Directory Sync 1.2.1

2-2. Manually delete the folder "The C:\Program Files\HDE One Directory Sync" and all files under that folder.

2-3. In the case the that "C:\HDEOne" folder exists, manually delete the folder and all files under that folder.


3. Delete "Show more" link

*This step is unnecessary if you have not set the "Show more" link.

Login to G Suite Admin console and go to [Apps] >  [Marketplace app], and
delete the service links.



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