Enable Login for HENNGE Email DLP Service (Microsoft 365)


This article is for customers who are using Microsoft 365 together with the HENNGE Email DLP service.
When accessing the HENNGE Email DLP, if the end-user may find the following message, please follow this procedure.

[ HDE Email DLP needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it.]


There may be permissions that need to be granted for users to log in to HENNGE Email DLP via Microsoft 365.


1. This procedure is needed to be performed only the first time when using the HENNGE Email DLP service.

2. This procedure requires an account of Global Admin permissions.

3. After this procedure is performed, the setting may take a few hours to be reflected on the environment.

4. This article is based on the content of the product of September 2019 and may be revised without prior notice.

5. If there are any updates on the Microsoft 365 side, some screenshots may differ slightly from the real UI.


1. Please open your browser and access the link below.


2. Use admin account to log in "Microsoft Azure"


3.At the Azure Active Directory admin center, choose "Enterprise applications" on the menu.


4. Click "All applications".


5. Choose "All applications" then click "HENNGE Email DLP"


6. Choose "Properties" 


7. At "Enabled for users to sign-in?" please select "Yes"

※ If you already set "Yes" here, please move to step 9.

8. Click "Save" here.


9. At "Overview", choose "Self-service"


10. At "Allow users to request access to this application", please select "No".

※ If you already set "No" here, please move to step 12.

11. Click "Save"


12. Please wait until the setting is reflected (maximum take hours to finish the process).

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