Supported environments for HENNGE One

for G Suite / for Office 365



I would like to know what environments that are supported for HENNGE One.



Please refer to the following information.


1. Supported OS / Browser

[HENNGE Access Control] / [HENNGE Email DLP] / [HENNGE Email Archive] / [HENNGE Secure Transfer]


[HENNGE Secure Browser]


 (*) As of March 22, 2019

[HENNGE Device Certificate] (Including a import tool)



<<Support policy for an old version when a new version is released>>

[OS] (for HENNGE Device Certificate)
・Windows:In accordance with the Microsoft's policy.
・mac/iOS/android : The oldest of the supported versions will no longer be supported. However, that will be supported for three months from "Support Start Date" of the latest version determined by Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. (*1)

(*1) Regarding the "Support Start Date" for each OS version, if you contact HENNGE Customer Success Guide, we will contact Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. to get the information and liaise with you once we get a response.
Please refrain from updating the OS on a user device until our response is delivered.  

Once a new version is released, the support for the new version starts and at the same time, the oldest version of the supported versions will no longer be supported.

2. SSO integration with other services

Please refer to the following article regarding being able to integrate Single-Sign-on with HENNGE Access Control.

"Which services can Single Sign-on with Access Control?"


3.Other restrictions


In cases where you use a Web proxy or Web filtering feature, additional settings for access permission are required for each service.
Please refer to the following article for the details. 

"What FQDN(URL) or IP address should be set for access permission when our company is using a Web proxy server and Web filtering software?"


[Secure Browser]

- Secure Browser aims to preferentially support viewing "Mail", "Calendar (Schedules)" and "Contacts" of Office 365 / G Suite. Other functions and services are not fully guaranteed to work.  If you want to use services that are not provided for Office 365 / G Suite mobile web interface(*), particular native applications are required.

- For HENNGE Secure Browser for Android, please note that attachments in a sending/receiving email on Outlook on the web cannot be viewed. 

* e.g. Hangout(G Suite), Skype for Business(Office 365) and Teams(Office365)


[Email DLP]

Emails being sent internally (sending to domains provided to HENNGE)will not be filtered.

・In cases where you use a ZIP encryption feature, the filter will ZIP-encrypt attachments again even if ZIP-encrypted files are already attached. Please note that in this case, the email may be identified as an email with suspicious files and a recipient email server may reject the email.

[Device Certificate]

If you login to an application that is not capable of loading Device Certificates, its access cannot be properly controlled.
Please refer to the following information regarding the applications for which we have confirmed Device Certificate compatibility.(As of July, 2018)

* The Office365 applications presuppose modern authentication.
* The G Suite applications presuppose Oauth authentication.
* Loading applications on iOS presuppose login via Microsoft Authenticator. (Test version 5.9.4)
* Figures in "[]" indicate test OS/app versions.
*[〇]…Loadable [×]…Unloadable  [‐]…No application available

(1) Office365 applications


(2) G Suite applications



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