How to change the Family Name of the users with Provisioning Setting?

for Google Workspace 



We want to change the Family Name or the Given Name.
However, we have the Provisioning feature enabled, how can we change those attribute values? 


In order to change the Given Name and the Family Name, new accounts will need to be created on the HENNGE Access Control.

Synchronization (Provisioning) will need to be disabled and enabled after the user has been recreated.

■ Procedures
1. Please access the HENNGE Access Control Admin Console.<>

2. Please click on the edit button of [Domain Setting] > [Provisioning Setting]
 and Disable the [Account Provisioning].

3. Please register the new user with the correct name at [User] > [New User].

4. Please delete the old user at [User], by clicking on the Trash icon.

5. Please press the [Domain Setting] > [Provisioning Setting], and click on the edit icon.
 Please change the [Account Provisioning] back to [Enable].

6. Please change the Email Address of the user in the Google Workspace Admin Console.

  ※Please edit the user in Google Workspace, DO NOT create a new user.




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