Cannot preview the file of the Email Attachment?

 for Microsoft 365



Why I cannot preview the file of the Email attachment while using the HENNGE Secure Browser on the Android device.



The specification of Outlook on the Web on Android will require previewed files such as the Email attachments to be downloaded onto the local machine. However, the HENNGE Secure Browser will prevent any file download such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint...etc. As for PDF files, because HENNGE Secure Browser on Android comes with a PDF preview module preloaded on the machine, HENNGE Secure Browser allows the preview of PDF files without downloading the file.

Please refer to the following article for a list of prohibited actions on HENNGE Secure Browser.
HENNGE Secure Browserにおける禁止・制限事項について


・ The file can be viewed if it is moved to the OneDrive.

・ If the "User Agent" is changed to "iPhone" on the Android version HENNGE Secure Browser, it may be possible to preview the file. This setting will force Microsoft 365 to call the iPhone interface that previews the file; however, this workaround is not guaranteed.

1.Please click on the 3 dots that are displayed on the top right of the HENNGE Secure Browser.
2.Select the "User Agent" option in the menu.
3.Select "iPhone" and click "OK".
4.Please restart the application.

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