Release Information : Access Control Admin Console (Secure Browser)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

This is the information for an update of Access Control Admin Console, released in August, 2018.


This update allows administrators to obtain user QR codes which are required for Secure Browser settings.

This update allows administrators to obtain user QR codes, in addition to the existing function of users obtaining the QR codes on their own User Consoles. As a result of this update, administrators can give users devices with which Secure Browser has already been set up. In addition, even if users cannot obtain their QR codes on their own for some reason, administrators can obtain their QR code for them instead.

[How to obtain QR codes (administrators)]

1.Access the following page on Access Control Admin Console.
[Secure Browser]>[Pending Requests]>[Register HSB for User]


2.Enter a user name in "Username".

3.Click on "+Add"


4.Scan the displayed QR code on the devices for which you want to set up Secure Browser.
* It is necessary to install the Secure Browser application on the device beforehand.
Please refer to the following article for setting up procedure on devices.
"(New) Setting Up HENNGE Secure Browser (Smartphone)"

"(New) Setting Up HENNGE Secure Browser (PC)"


*If you use Secure Browser for PC, you can also send the information as text by using "Copy as text" function. 


5.The administrator must "Accept" the devices on Admin Console.
*Depending on your operation policy, the requests may be accepted automatically.

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