Team Mail function (Email DLP)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


ーFunction Overview

A "Team Mail" function enables users in the same team to handle (View/Send/Discard) emails
that another user sent.

You can use the function with the following three steps.

Step 1) Define multiple users in Address Groups.
Step 2) Enable a Team Mail function in Rule Groups.
Step 3) Define a filter using the Address Group set in Step 1 and the Rule Group set in Step 2.

Extra Step) Notification for Operation Settings

For more details about the functionality and how to set up, please refer to the following Administrator Manual.
[ver.2] HENNGE One mail Filtering Administrator Manual(Japanese)


 - How to set up

The following procedures explain how to newly set up a team mail function.
In cases where you want to change your current settings, please change them using the following steps as a reference.

Step1) Define Address Groups

1. Click on [+Create](2) in the [Define Address Groups] section(1).

2. Enter any name to "Group Name"(3) and user addresses to "Addresses"(4).
    Click on [+Create](5).


*In cases where you want to authorize shared mail boxes or security groups with an email function
to handle sent emails, the email address should be added to the "Addresses" section(4).

Step 2) Define Rule Groups

1. Click on [Create+](2) in the [Define Rule Groups] section(1).


2. Enter any name to "Group Name"(3) and click on [+Create](4).

3. Click on [+](5) in the Rule Group you just created.


4. Select "Suspend" in the [Action] section(6) and check "Visible to people in From Address Group"(7).
 * This item activates the Team Mail function.


5. Click on [+Add](8).
 *Please set your preferred settings here.

 *In cases where you want to enable this function to only emails sent by shared email boxes or
security groups, select [Envelop From] in the [Target] section and [matches regular expression] in the [Predicate] section. 
Then, enter the sender addresses such as shared email boxes to the [Pattern] section on a regular expression.


Step 3) Define Filters

1. Click on [+Create](2) in the [Define Filter] section(1).


2. Select your preference in the [Priority], [Sender], [Recipient] and [Rule Group] sections and click on [+Create](4).


All settings are complete after this step.

The users set in the address group can see emails sent by other users in the Team.
For more details, please refer to the following article regarding how to operate User Console.

(ver.2) HENNGE Email DLP User Console Guide



Extra Steps) Notification for Operation

If you configure the "Notification for Operation" setting, you can send notifications when someone other than you in the team handles emails in the "Team Mail" function.

1. Click on [+Create](2) in the [Notification for Operation] section.(1)


2. Set any values to each parameter and click on[+Create](2).





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