How to search your filtering history


This article applies to administrators who perform the initial setup of HENNGE Email DLP or operational management.


This article describes how to search filtering history on HENNGE Email DLP.



1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of March 2022 and is revised accordingly without advanced notice.

2. HENNGE Email DLP administrator authority is required to view the actual screen and change settings.
Please refer to the following article for details on how to set up an administrator.

Setup/Change the Administrator

3. The URL for the HENNGE Email DLP administration page will vary depending on the customer`s tenant. Access URL e.g. :[ main domain ]



Filter History-related settings can be found by logging into HENNGE Email DLP with an administrator account. Click [Filter] - [History] on the left menu.


How to search

1. Enter the Date Range, Sender and click search.


Date Range: Customers can search by entering the start date and the end date or selecting the following period from the pull-down menu.

・Last 24 hours
・Last 7 days
・Last 30 days
・Last week
・Last month
・All available periods

Sender : The format must be the same as the envelope address From. 

How to confirm

1. Search results will be displayed.


2. Click on the [▶] mark to check the detail of your email. 



Basic Data:

Date: Displays the date and time when the email was sent.

Message ID: Displays the message ID of the email.

Email ID: Displays the email ID of the email.
※Internal ID of HENNGE Email DLP.

Sender: Displays envelope address [From] of the email.

Recipient: Displays envelope address [To] of the email.

Size: Displays the message size, including the attachment file and email body. 


Subject: Displays the subject of the email.

From: Displays the sender of the email.

To: Displays the recipient of the email.

Cc: Displays the Cc of the email.

Attachment: Displays attachment file information of the email.


Action: Shows the actions taken as a result of the filtering. 
Open the [View Filter] tab by clicking the Action`s link.

Even if "Encrypt" is displayed in the "Action" section, the email will not be encrypted if the encryption policy excludes encryption.
In this case, please refer to the article "Attachment Handling (for ZIP encryption)" or the [Encryption] - [History] menu on the User Console to check the actual encryption status. 

ZIP 暗号化履歴を確認する

Rule Group Name: Shows the name of the Rule Group applied to the target email. 
Check out the applied [Rule Group] by clicking the link. 

Rule Name: Shows the name of the Rule applied to the target email. 
Check out the [ View Rule] tab by clicking the link.

Current Status: Shows the filtering result of the target email, including status (sent/pending/pending/deleted).
Select [More Details] to view the Status, Date and Operator.

Delivery Result: Shows delivery result of the email. 
Select [More Details] to view processing dates and delivery addresses.

Regarding the [Delivery Result], only the destination server's delivery status will be displayed.
Note that there is still a possibility that a recipient has not received an email even if its status is "Completed", as in cases where the email goes through multiple servers before delivering it to the recipient.
In such instances, please get in touch with an administrator of a server mentioned in the "Relay" section.

Attachments Handling:

Method: Displays the download method of the attachment file.

Current Status: Displays the status of the download URL (enabled / disabled).

Created: Displays the created date of the Download URL.

Expiry: Displays the expiration date of the download URL.

Total Downloads: Displays the total number of downloads for each file.


Files: Displays the attached file name, size, number of downloads, and download button.
The administrator can disable the download URL by selecting the [Disable all links]. Attachment handling (for ZIP encryption)

Method: Displays the file was sent with ZIP encryption method. 

Type Name: Displays the applied encryption type name. 

Date: Displays the date and time of the ZIP encryption handling. 

ZIP File Name: Displays the name of the ZIP file created by the ZIP encryption handling.

ZIP File Size : Displays the ZIP file size created by the ZIP encryption handling.

Password: Displays the password that was set when the ZIP encryption process was performed.

Encrypted File Name: Displays the attached file name subject to ZIP encryption.


HENNGE Email DLP Admin Manual




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