How to clear the Cache in the Browser?

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


Could you let me know how to clear the Cache in the Browser?


The method to clear the cache is different depending on the browser.
For the details, please inquire about the browser support.

This operation may delete Pass-cookie and other cookies.
If you wish to maintain the old session, and troubleshoot at the same time.
Please use the Incognito/Secret mode of your browser to access.


(1) Google Chrome

Step1. Please Open Google Chrome.
Step2. Click on the "︙" on the top right.
Step3. Please click on "Setting" and click on "Advanced Setting".
Step4. "Privacy & Security" and click on "Clear Browser Data".
Step5. Change the "Time Range" to "All Time", check "Cookie and Other Site Data" and "Cached images and files".
Step6. Click on "Clear data".
Step7. Close and Open Chrome again.

(2) Firefox

Step1. Please Open Firefox.
Step2. Click on the menu icon on to top right "≡", and click on "Preferences".
Step3. Click on "Privacy & Security".
Step4. Click on "Cookies & Site Data" and click on "Clear Data".
Step5. Make sure you have "Cookies & Site Data" checked as well as "Cached Web Content" checked and click on "Clear".
Step6. Close and Open Firefox again.

(3) Internet Explorer 

Step1. Click on the Start menu and go to the Setting (Gear Icon).
Step2. Open the "Windows Setting", and search for "Internet Options".
Step3. Go to the "General" settings tab and look for "Browsing History" and Click on "Delete".
Step4. Make sure that "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" are checked.
Step5. Click on "Delete".
Step7. Click on "OK".
Step8. Restart your WindowsOS.

(4) Safari

Step1. Please open Safari.
Step2. In the "Safari" Menu bar, click on "Safari" and open the "Preferences".
Step3. Click on "Advanced" tab.
Step4. Click on Menu bar, and click on "Develop".
Step5. Click on "Empty Caches".
Step6. Click on the "Safari" from Menu bar and click on "Quite Safari".
Step7. Open the Safari again.


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