I want to exclude read receipt emails from being encrypted.

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I received an email with a read recipient request.
When I sent back a receipt to the sender, the email was encrypted.
Why did this occur and how can I exclude the email from being encrypted?



A file may be attached in the receipt email.
Due to this, if you set up an encryption rule on the HENNGE Email DLP service, the file will be encrypted.

If you want to exclude receipt emails from being encrypted, please add the following rule that identifies a specific header.(*)
(*) The header is used based on a general format for read receipt, but if the rule does not work as you expected,
please contact Customer Success Guide. 


Setting Examples

- Uncheck "Encrypt attachments"
- Rule Conditions : "Match all of the following (AND)"
(New Infrastructure)
- Target :"Optional Header" Content-type
- Predicate : "matches regular expression"
- Pattern : disposition-notification
- Count : 1
(Old Infrastructure)
- Field :"Optional Header" Content-type
- Operator"is equal to"
- Value : disposition-notification
- Frequency : 1


New Infrastructure



Old Infrastructure


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