Release Information:Secure Browser for Android OS December, 2018

We would like to announce the release information of HDE Secure Browser for Android OS.


・Release Version : 3.3.3

We now restrict full backups with device authentications using Android OS standard backup functions(*1).

The previous HDE Secure Browser enabled users to continue using Secure Browser in cases where users restore a full backup of a Secure Browser application that a device authentication was already completed.
(e.g. for a device replacement etc.)

After this update,  full backups with a device authentication have been restricted.
Therefore if you restore backup data to your new device, only the Secure Browser application will be restored and
you will need to perform a device authentication again.

If you perform a backup with 3.3.3 or later version and restore it, you will need a device authentication
with the same steps as when a new install.

Please refer to the following article for device authentication steps.

Setting Up HDE Secure Browser (Smartphone)

*Secure Browser ID will also change, so please delete the device authentication on your old device if necessary.



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