(Important) Update Notification of Terms of Service with regards to service name changes

Thank you for using HDE One.


We are going to update our Terms of Service with regards to service name changes, effective February 1. 

Changes are as follows:  


- In accordance with the company name change, we will change the HDE One service name as follows:

・HDE One -> HENNGE One  


- In accordance with the service name change, we will change HENNGE One service names as follows:

・HDE One Missending/Information Leakage Prevention Service -> HENNGE Email DLP

・HDE One Archive Service -> HENNGE Email Archive 

・HDE One Access Control Service -> HENNGE Access Control

・HDE One Secure Browser Service-> HENNGE Secure Browser

・HDE One Device Certificate Service -> HENNGE Device Certificate

・HDE One Large File Transferring Service -> HENNGE Secure Transfer

・HDE One SMTP Relay Service -> HENNGE SMTP Relay Service  


- In accordance with the HDE One service name changes, we will delete the following services, which
have already been terminated, from the "1. Service Menu" section in Exhibit.

・HDE One Anti-Virus/Spam Service (Incoming Mails) (*Optional)

・HDE One Mail Distribution Service (*Optional)


We will publish the new Terms of Service of HENNGE One (https://www.hennge.com/global/service/one/license.html) on February 1.

Please be assured that you can continuously use the HDE One services you are currently using even after the service name
changes and Terms of Service changes.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the following contacts.


- Contact for this matter (In effect until January 31,  2019)

HDE One, Renewal Sales hdems-ac@hde.co.jp

- Contact for this matter(In effect from February 1, 2019)

HENNGE One, Renewal Sales cs-order@hennge.com


We appreciate your cooperation and continued support.

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