(Important) Changes in accordance with Company Name Change

We would like to announce changes in accordance with the company name change in effect from February 1, 2019.

  1. Service Names will change
    (Important) Update Notification of Terms of Service with regards to service name changes

  2. Contact Email Addresses will change
    Since the email addresses are non-public, we will separately inform customer contacts about them.
    (Important)Contact Email Address Changes in accordance with Company Name Change

  3. Logo for each service will change
    The new logo will be sequentially applied after February 1.  Please refer to the following images.
    We have no plans to change URLs for now.
  • HDE Access Control --> HENNGE Access Control
    ・Login Screen(If you use your company logo, this change will not affect you.)
    HAC_EN_before.png → HAC_EN_after.png

    ・User Screen examples

    HSB_EN_before.png HSB_EN_after.png

  • HDE Secure Browser Service ーー> HENNGE Secure Browser
    ・Secure Browser Icon
    * We are also in the process of requesting the product name change to GooglePlay/AppStore.
    (You cannot search the application by HENNGE yet.)

  • HDE Secure Transfer --> HENNGE Secure Transfer
    ・Internal User Screen examples
    HOS_EN_internal_before.png → HOS_EN_internal_after.png

    ・External User Screen examples

    HOS_EN_external_before.png → HOS_EN_external_after.png

  • HDE Email DLP --> HENNGE Email DLP
    * This change will not affect customers who are using the service on old infrastructure (https://mo.xxx.hdemail.jp)

    ・User Screen
    fzero_before_EN.png → fzero_after_EN.png

  • HDE Email Archive --> HENNGE Email Archive
    ・Login Screen
    archive_EN_before.png → archive_EN_after.png

 Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Success Guide.

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