Change the UPN to domain for None User Objects


Using HENNGE Access Control Directory Sync to synchronize users to Microsoft 365.


When syncing users from HENNGE Access Control to Microsoft 365, it excludes non-user objects such as meeting rooms, shared mailboxes, and externally invited SharePoint users.


1. This article is based on the product content of March 2019. May be revised without prior notice due to subsequent update or specification change.

2. This setting may take some time to be reflected on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


Prerequisites Check

1. Open the PowerShell and connect it to Microsoft 365 as outlined in the following article.

Microsoft 365 PowerShell への接続

1. Run the following PowerShell Command

Set-MsolUserPrincipalName `
-UserPrincipalName "" `
-NewUserPrincipalName ""

-UserPrincipalName is the Email Address of the custom domain.
-NewUserPrincipalName is the Email Address of the domain to be changed to.

2. Settings on the Exchange Admin Center

After Step 1 is ran, the UserPrincipalName (UPN) and Email Address should both be the domain Email Address. However, we still need to change the Email Address (SMTP) on the Exchange Admin Center.

※ External Users invited through SharePoint do not have an Email Address and will not require this configuration.

2.1.  Go to the [ Microsoft 365 Admin Center ] and select the object then click on [ Edit Exchange Setting ] → [ Email Address ].

※ For user objects, it is the [ Edit Exchange Property ] option.


2.2.Please double click your domain address and then check "make this the reply address" and click "save".


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