How to install HDEPasswordFilter.dll on Active Directory (WS 2016 or later)


For installations of Windows Server 2016 or versions later than 2016; the installation will enable the user information and password information on the Active Directory to be synchronized to HENNGE Access Control.


When a user changes their password on Active Directory for the first time after HDEPasswordFilter.dll is installed, the user password will be hashed and saved locally on the Active Directory and can be synchronized to the HENNGE Access Control cloud.


1. The procedure requires the Domain Controller to be restarted.

2. This procedure needs to be performed for all of the Domain Controllers.

3. This procedure is written in March 2019; procedures and screenshots are subject to possible changes.



1. Preparing the [ Installer_HDEOnePasswordSync ] folder that contains files

Please prepare and copy the entire folder called [ Installer_HDEOnePasswordSync ] to the  Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller.


1. Please execute the following PowerShell commands.

※Open the PowerShell as administrative permission.

> cd <Installer_HDEOnePasswordSync Folder>
> powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\install.ps1


> cd C:\work\Installer_HDEOnePasswordSync
> powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\install.ps1

2. Confirm the following result in the Powershell Command line.

The script was successfully completed. Please restart Windows Server.

※ If any errors appear, please contact our HENNGE Support.

3. Restart the Domain Controller.

4. Please repeat procedures 1-3 for every Active Directory domain controller.

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