Map and Synchronize Microsoft 365 Group to HENNGE Email DLP Group


This is for customers who use HENNGE Email DLP as a solution for preventing email misdelivery in Microsoft 365 and synchronize group information from Microsoft 365 to HENNGE Email DLP.


This guide explains the necessary configuration to link group information synchronized from Microsoft 365 to groups in HENNGE Email DLP.


1. The following are the groups that can be synchronized from Microsoft 365 to HENNGE Email DLP:
Note: Dynamic distribution groups are not subject to group synchronization.

- Microsoft 365 group
- Mail-enabled security group
- Distribution list

2. Address groups created through group synchronization cannot be used for filters for approval.

3. The name of an address group in HENNGE Email DLP cannot be duplicated. Please make sure there are no duplicates in the group names on the Microsoft 365 side.

4. Before following the steps in this article, you need to perform the Group sync setting from Microsoft 365 to HENNGE Email DLP service in advance.

5. The content of this article is based on the product as of September 2023 and may be subject to change without notice.

Detailed Steps and Instructions

1. Confirm the URL of the HENNGE Email DLP Management Console.

The URL of the HENNGE Email DLP Management Console includes your organization's main domain. Replace the "[Main Domain]" in the following URL with your organization's main domain.[Main Domain]

If the main domain is "", the URL will look like this:

2. Open your web browser and access the URL of the HENNGE Email DLP Management Console.

※ The Microsoft 365 login screen will appear.

3. Log in with an account that has HENNGE Email DLP administrator privileges.

※ Note that this may not be the same as your Microsoft 365 administrator account.

4. Confirm that the HENNGE Email DLP Management Console is displayed.


5. Click on [ Address Groups ] from the menu on the left.


6. Click the [ + ] button in the upper right corner.


7. Enter at least the first 2 characters of the group name to be synchronized in [ Group Name ] and select the appropriate group from the displayed candidates.


8. Confirm that the selected group name and Microsoft 365 group address are displayed on the screen, and click [ + Create ].

If you want to include the Microsoft 365 group address itself as a synchronization target, check "Sync Directory Group Addresses into address group."


9. Confirm that the added group is shown in the address group list.


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