Map and Synchronize Office 365 Group to HENNGE Email DLP Group


For customers who are using Office 365 and HENNGE Email DLP services, and who wish to synchronize Office 365 group information to HENNGE Email DLP.


Setup is needed to map and match specific Office 365 Group Information to synchronize to specific HENNGE Email DLP Group.


1. The group that can be synchronized from Office 365 to HENNGE Email DLP needs to be one of the following 3 types.
 ※ Dynamic Distribution Groups cannot be synchronized.

・Office 365 Group
・Security Group with Email Enabled
・Distribution Group

2. Please go to How to synchronize groups in Office 365 to HENNGE Email DLP service before you start the process on this article.

3. This article was last updated on 2019 March.


1. Please confirm on the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console URL.

HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console URL includes the customer's main domain.
Please replace the [ Domain ] part in the following URL with your company main domain.[Domain]

For Example, if "" is the main domain, the URL will be the following.

2. Open the browser and access the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console URL above.

Office 365 Login screen will show like the picture below.


3. Log in with account which has HENNG Email DLP administrator authority.

※ Office 365 の管理者アカウントと同一ではない場合がありますのでご注意ください。


4. The HENNGE Email DLP admin page will show like the picture below.


5. Click "Define Address Groups" on the left side.


6. Click "Create".Screen_Shot_2019-09-30_at_17.50.38.png

7. Input group name you want to synchronize and select the group.


8. [ + 作成 ] をクリックします。


9. 追加したグループがアドレスグループの一覧に表示されることを確認します。


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