Use application to receive OTP(One-Time Password)


 To user who needs to use OTP(One-Time Password) on your device.


 Install OTP application for HENNGE Access Control user.


1.The screen will show differently depends on your phone model and OS version.

2.This article was written on Sep 2109. We will announce if there are any changes in the future.


1. Please go to HENGNE Access Control User Portal.

Your tenant url should be like:<yourdomain>/login/
※ < yourdomain > will be customer domain (the domain written in contract)


2. Choose OTP(One-Time password) Settings


3. Select "Configure OTP via Smartphone"


4. A QR-code will show in this page.


5. Install OTP Generator on your smartphone.

You can either use Google Authenticator(support iPhone&Android) or HENNGE OTP Generator (only support iPhone). 
※ We use HENNGE OTP Generator in this article.

Google Authenticator(iPhone)

Google Authenticator(Android)

HENNGE OTP Generator (iPhone)


6. Please open the OTP Generator and read the QR-code on step 4.

7. The OPT will show the password like the picture below.


8. Input the token and then submit

Once you successfully finished the setting, the screen will go back to OTP Settings in step 3.

※1 You need to input the token in order to finish the initial setting.

※2 If you made a mistake of the token, please go back to step 3 and do it one more time.


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