Assign Devices to App Policy Groups


For Admin of HENNGE Secure Browser.


For Admin who wish to Assign users' mobile devices that are already approved to New App Policy Groups.


1. For different OS, versions, or machines, the admin console page may look slightly different.

2. This article is based on the product content of March 2019. May be revised without prior notice due to subsequent update or specification change.


1. Create Access Policy Group.

1.1. Open the HENNGE Access Control Admin Console, in the menu, find [ Secure Browser ] and then, [ App Policy Group ].


1.2. Click on the [ Pencil Icon] to the right of the App Policy that you wish to edit.


1.3. Configure each of the following options in the App Policy Group according to the requirements and click on [ Add ].

※ For detailed settings please refer to the following admin manual.

HENNGE Secure Browser 管理者マニュアル ダウンロード


2. Assign Devices to App Policy Group

2.1. Open the HENNGE Access Control Admin Console and find the [ Secure Browser ] menu and then the [ Devices ] menu.


2.2. Find the device that you wish to assign to a new App Policy Group and click on the [ Pencil Icon ].


2.3. Choose the [ App Policy Group ] that is desired to be assigned to and click on [ Submit ].



2.4. Check and confirm that the App Policy Group has been updated for this device.


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