HENNGE Email Archive Configuration Check


For customers who have finished HENNGE Email Archive connection with Microsoft 365.


For customers who wish to check that HENNGE Email Archive is working properly and that your email is archived.


1. After the email is actually backed up to HENNGE Email Archive, it may take several hours before it is reflected on the management screen.

2. This article is based on the product content of March 2019. May be revised without prior notice due to subsequent update or specification change.


1. Confirm the Email from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Please send the test mail under each of the following 3 conditions and check the mail log.

・Send Email to external recipient.
・Receive Email from external sender.
・Send Email to internal recipient.

1.1. For Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online)

1.1.1. Access to the [ Microsoft 365 Admin Center ]  → [ Security ] → [ Mail Flow ] → [ Message Trace ].

1.1.2. Check for all three types of Emails above.

1.1.3. Make sure that in addition to the original Email in the search results, you also find that a copy of the Email has been sent to [ customer_domain@j01.hdems.com ]  and [ customer_domain@j02.hdems.com ].

1.2. For Google Workspace (Gmail)

1.2.1. Access to the [ Google Workspace Admin Console ] → [ Report ] → [ Audit ] → [ Email Log Search ].

1.2.2. Check for all three types of Emails above.

1.2.3. Click on the Subject name in the search result to see the details of the Email.

1.2.4. Click [Recipient Detail ] to expand and check if the forwarding "HENNGE Email Archive" is applied.

2. Search in the HENNGE Email Archive

HENNGE One_login_inforatmation.pdf for the HENNGE Email Archive service to log in, and make sure that all three types of Emails that have been sent to appear in the search result.

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