Enable group synchronization on HENNGE Email DLP ( G Suite part)


To enable the synchronization of Group information from G Suite to the HENNGE Email DLP service for customers using HENNGE Email DLP as Email Security Solutions for their G Suite.


The required setting to setup the Group Synchronization from G Suite to HENNGE Email DLP.


1. Before performing the procedures outlined in this article, please make sure that you have accomplished the setting mentioned in the following article: How to synchronize groups in G Suite to HENNGE Email DLP service?.

2. This article was written in March 2019, and the content may be subject to any changes.


1. Confirm the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console URL below.

The Admin Console of the HENNGE Email DLP may contain domain parts like the following.
Please replace the [domain.com] with your custom domain.


If your domain is "sampledomain.com" for example, the URL will be the following.


2. Please open the browser and access the above URL.

※ You will find the G Suite Login Screen.


3. Please login with an account that has HENNGE Email DLP Admin Access.

※ Please be noted that the HENNGE Email DLP Admin account doesn't have to be the G Suite Admin account.


4. The HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console will be displayed as below.


5. Please click on the [ Define Address Group ] option on the left menu.


6. Click on the [ + Create ] button on the right panel.


7. Type in the [ Group Name ] that corresponds to the Groups created under G Suite to synchronize those groups to HENNGE Email DLP.


8. Click on [ + Create ].


9. The added Group will appear under Address Group displayed as the screenshot shown below.


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