Accessing Method to HENNGE Email Archive Admin console



This article is intended for administrators who perform the initial setup and operational management of HENNGE Email Archive.


This article explains how to log in to the admin console of HENNGE Email Archive.


Important Notes 

1. HENNGE Email Archive administrator privileges are required for actual screen verification and configuration changes.

2. The URL for the HENNGE Email Archive admin console is as follows:

Access URL:

3. When logging in with a new user, please enter the login name in the format of "user@contracteddomain".

4. The content of this article is based on the product specifications as of August 2023 and may change without notice.

Detailed Procedure


Check the HENNGE One login information file.
Note that the login information has been sent to the support contact person designated in the HENNGE One service application form.

Document Name: 【[Customer Domain]】HENNGE One Login Information.pdf

The "◇ HENNGE Email Archive Search" section of the login information contains the administrator settings screen URL, ID, and initial password.

1. Accessing the HENNGE Email Archive admin console

Access the URL of the HENNGE Email Archive admin console.

2. Entering Login ID and Password

Log in with the account created in HENNGE Email Archive.
If you have changed the initial password in the login information, please confirm internally.
[EN]2.Entering Login ID and Password.png

3.Displaying the admin console

This is the HENNGE Email Archive admin console after logging in.

[EN]3.Displaying the Management Screen.png


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