How to access to the HENNGE Secure Transfer admin console


This is the article for the HENNGE Secure Transfer admin to show how to conduct the initial setting and operation management.


Introduce how to log in to the HENNGE Secure Transfer admin console.

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1. To confirm the admin page or change the setting, an admin account on HENNGE Secure Transfer is required.

2. The HENNGE Secure Transfer admin page URL will differ depending on the customer's tenant.

3. This article was created in September 2023. There might be changes without announcement beforehand.

Procedure in details

Prior confirmation

Please confirm the information in the HENNGE One Login file.
In addition, the Login file is only sent to the support PIC written in the HENNGE One service application form.

File name : 【[customer domain]】HENNGE One Login.pdf

The admin page login URL can be found at the 「◇ HENNGE Secure Transfer」session in the Login sheet.

1. Access to the HENNGE Secure Transfer admin console

Access to the HENNGE Secure Transfer admin page.

The admin setting page URL can be found in the 【[customer domain]】HENNGE One Login.pdf.

2. Input the ID&Password

Any account granted the admin privilege can log in to the page.
The login page will differ if the authentication is Microsoft 365/Google Workspace.

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3. Admin page

HENNGE Secure Transfer ログイン後の管理画面です。After you have logged in to the admin console successfully.
Please click the [ Management ] on the left side menu, and then, you should be able to check the other menu on the top of the page.

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