New Release:[HENNGE Access Control] July 2021(UI Improvement: Message of Device Certificate Login)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

We are pleased to announce an update to the HENNGE Access Control, which will be released in July  2021.


Target Users

This update will affect users whose Access Policy Group have the Device Certificate login condition( "device_cert:*") in the "Condition to allow access " or "Condition not to require OTP" section.



The following message will return to users when the users whose Access Policy have a Device Certificate login condition try to login without clicking on the "Log in with Device Certificate" button. 



The users will be able to login by clicking on the "Log in with Device Certificate" button above and select a HENNGE Device Certificate installed on their devices.




If any HENNGE Device Certificate has not been installed on the users' device, the users will be denied to log in and the message "No certificate selected" will be shown. 





In case the message "403 Login denied by the policy. Access is not allowed." returns, the login will be also recorded as "Denied by Access Policy" on the access log of HENNGE Access Control.


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