What is HENNGE Cloud Protection?

HENNGE Cloud Protection protects items on Microsoft Exchange Online from malicious contents and URLs.
Exchange items include information managed by Exchange Online features such as email, tasks, calendar appointments, contacts, and sticky notes.


1.Block malware

HENNGE Cloud Protection scans malicious contents which attached with Exchange items in real-time and blocks viruses, Trojan-horse, ransomware, and other malware.

2. Protect URL

HENNGE Cloud Protection scans the items in the body of the email in real-time and check the reputation (evaluation) of the linked URL included in the email.
As URL of this website is determined, Items with that URL can be quarantined, deleted or disabled.

3. Detect compromised host

If the combination of an email address and its password for a particular account is leaked,unauthorized people could use the account to infiltrate the organization and launch internal phishing, ransomware attacks, or spoofing attacks to gain access to information. 
Attacks using such compromised accounts are difficult to detect because they are executed as legitimate corporate user accounts.
HENNGE Cloud Protection's email account compromise detection monitors user email addresses from external sources and notifies you immediately if a compromised account has been exposed.
Furthermore, based on the type of information compromised, it provides information about the severity of the compromised accounts and the likelihood that those accounts will still be misused.

4. Scan inbox rule

Inbox rules automatically detects specific malicious actions towards inbox.
After gaining access to the mailbox, the attacker creates inbox rules to execute different types of attacks, such as automatic mail forwarding or automatic deletion.
The Inbox Rules Scan feature analyzes all inbox rules in a mailbox. This analysis helps detect suspicious rules that may indicate an account compromise.
It also notifies the mailbox owner and administrator to take action.

5. Restrictions

5-1. Maximum number of protectable shared mailboxes
Shared mailboxes on Exchange Online can also be protected with HENNGE Cloud Protection.
Shared mailboxes allow multiple users to share mailboxes on Exchange Online (Microsoft 365) and can be created for more than the number of licenses purchased.
However, the number of shared mailboxes that can be protected by HENNGE Cloud Protection is limited to the number of HENNGE One licenses you have subscribed to.
Please note that shared mailboxes in excess of the number of licenses cannot be protected by HENNGE Cloud Protection.
(HENNGE One licenses must be subscribed in the same number as Microsoft 365 licenses.)
For example, if you purchase 100 licenses of Exchange Online (Microsoft 365), you also purchase 100 licenses of HENNGE One and can protect up to 100 shared mailboxes.

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