HENNGE Cloud Protection Implementation Guide


Customers who are looking to implement HENNGE Cloud Protection for their Microsoft 365.



Connecting HENNGE Cloud Protection to Microsoft 365 to enhance inbound Email security checks.



1. Please read through the guide thoroughly before implementation.

2. This article was written in 2021 Oct.



1. Registering Subscription Key

2. Connection with Microsoft 365

3. Connecting Exchange Online

4. Disconnection ( Exchange Online)

5. Tenant Reconnection ( Exchange Online only)

6. Tenant Disconnection

7. How to Confirm Account Information

8. Two-Step Verification Setting

9. Changing Password

10. Changing the User Name

11. Changing Email Address

12. Changing Language and Timezone

13. Connect and protect specific Email Inbox

13.1. Protect Mailbox − Connect and Protect Specific Users

13.2. Protect Mailbox − Connect and Protect All Users

14. Disable Protection of Mailboxes

15. Search for Mailboxes

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