Connecting with Microsoft 365


Customers implementing HENNGE Cloud Protection.


Connecting HENNGE Cloud Protection with the targeted Microsoft 365 tenant.


1. The display UI screen may differ depending on your device's OS, versions, and module.

2. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of October 2022 and is revised accordingly without advanced notice.


1.  Accessing HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console

1.1. Please access the following URL to open the HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console.

1.2. Click on  [ COLLABORATION PROTECTION ] - [ Cloud Services ] on the left menu.


2. Connecting new Microsoft 365 Tenant

2.1. Click on [ Add Connection ].


2.2. Please enter the following details in [ Connection Details ] page.

[ Name ] : Please enter the domain of Microsoft 365. (ex:

[ Your Microsoft 365 domain name or Azure Active Directory tenant ID. ] : Please enter the Microsoft 365 domain or Microsoft Azure Active Directory Tenant ID.

You can obtain the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Tenant ID from the following procedure.
How to find your Azure Active Directory tenant ID


2.3.  Check to see if there is a green check at the right side of the Microsoft Azure Active Directory ID then click on [ Next ].

2.4. Confirm the details displayed on [ Summary ] page, and click on [ Create Connection ].


2.5. Wait for a few minutes until [ Cloud Service has been added ] page is displayed.

Click on [ Close ] if you can check the following page. 


2.6. Return to [ 1 ] to make sure that Microsoft 365 Tenant has been successfully added.

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