Connecting Exchange Online


Customers implementing HENNGE Cloud Protection.


Connecting Exchange Online of the Microsoft 365 Tenant that has already been connected to HENNGE Cloud Protection.


1. The web page may render differently on different OS or devices.

2. This article was written in 2021 Oct. 


1.  Accessing HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console

1.1. Access the following URL for the HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console.


1.2. Click on the [ Cloud Services ] from the menu on the left.

2. Connecting Exchange Online

2.1. Click on the checkbox on the left of the Microsoft 365 Tenant that you want to enable, and click on the [ Authorize Exchange Online ] button at the bottom of the page.


2.2. Enter the Microsoft 365 account that has Global Admin Permission and click on [ Next ] to continue.


2.3. Enter the password for the Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account and click on [ Sign-in ].


2.4. Click on [ Accept ] for the page [ Authorize on the behalf of my organization ].


2.5. The Cloud Service for the Microsoft 365 Tenant will display [ Connected ] under the [ Status ] column.


※ The page may take a few minutes to process.

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