Tenant Disconnection


For customers who want to Disconnect HENNGE Cloud Protection from their Microsoft 365 Tenant.


To delete the Microsoft 365 Tenant that has been added to HENNGE Cloud Protection.
This is to temporarily stop the function of the product and is not a required item for installation.


1. The web page will be rendered differently on different OS or devices.

2. This article was written in 2021 Oct.

3. After the tenant is deleted, the Email Quarantined, Dashboard data, filter, and system messages will be automatically deleted from HENNGE Cloud Protection.


1.  Accessing the HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console

1.1. Access the following URL for the HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console


1.2. Click on the [ Cloud Services ] on the left of the menu.

2. Tenant Deletion

2.1. Click on the checkbox to the left of the desired deleted Cloud Service Tenant and click on the [ Remove cloud service... ] at the bottom of the page.


2.2. Click on [ Delete ] button.


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