Two Step Verification Setting


For customers who are implementing the HENNGE Cloud Protection.


This procedure will set up the two-step verification feature for the HENNGE Cloud Protection service.

This is an optional setup to increase the security level of your tenant, this is not required for implementation.


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2. This article was written in 2021 Oct.


1.  Accessing the HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console

1.1. Access the following URL to open the HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console.

2. Enabling 2 Step Verification

2.1. Please open the Account Information page through the following procedure.


2.2. Click on the [ Set up 2-Step Verification ].


2.3. Click on the [Change] to the right side of [ 2-Step Verification ].


2.4. Click on the [ Set up ] button on the [ Turn on 2-Step Verification ] page.


2.5. In your Mobile Authenticator Application, click on [ Scan ] and scan the QR Code displayed on your page.



The following procedure is the setup using the HENNGE Lock Authenticator App.

1. Open HENNGE Lock on your Mobile Device.

2. Click on the [ ︙ ] on the top right of your HENNGE Lock App.

3. Click on [ Add New OTP ].

4. Move your mobile device camera to the QR Code displayed in Step 2.5. to scan the QR Code.

2.6. In the [ Enter the code that the app generates: ] , enter the 6-digit code display in the Authenticator App obtained in Step 2.5, and click on [ Turn on ].


2.7. Confirm that the 2 Step Verification has been enabled successfully.


※ Please keep your Recovery Code safe.

3. Disable the 2 Step Verification

3.1. In the [ Account Setting ] page, Click on [ Disable 2 Step Verification ].


3.2. Click on the [ Change ] to the right of the [ 2-Step Verification ].


3.3. Click on the [ Turn off ] to the right of the [ 2 Step Verification Status ].


3.4. Click on [ Turn off ] in the [ Turn off 2-Step Verification ] page.


3.5. Confirm that the 2 Step Verification has been turned off successfully.


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