Changing Language and Timezone


This article is for customers who have implemented HENNGE Cloud Protection.


Change display language and time zone settings in HENNGE Cloud Protection service.

This procedure not mandatory for implementing or starting the service.


1. The display UI screen may differ depending on the customer device's OS, versions, and module.

2. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of October 2021 and is revised accordingly without advanced notice.

3. Please find the URL of HENNGE Cloud Protection admin UI (or admin screen)  and login information from the email sent by the onboarding guide.
Email subject: Contact for HENNGE Cloud Protection login information


1.Access to HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console

1.1 Please open your browser and go to the following URL.

2. Change the language and time zone settings

2.1 Please Open [My settings] page; the procedure is as below:

How to Confirm Account Information

2.2 Select language and time zone from the list, and click [ Save ].


2.3 The message "changes successfully saved" will be displayed at the bottom right corner of your screen after completing the setup successfully .


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