New Release:[HENNGE Access Control] August 2021(Adding Permission Settings for Camera and Microphone in Secure Browser)

We are pleased to announce an update to the HENNGE Access Control, which is released in August 2021.


In the App Policy Group settings of HENNGE Secure Browser, you can now set the permission for the use of the camera and microphone.


- As of August 2021, Desktop and Android version are supported. (For iOS, iOS 15 or later will be supported. Once it is supported, we will update you in release information)
- The setting is "Deny" by default. To allow the use of the camera and microphone, please change the setting to "Allow" in the target App Policy Group via HENNGE Access Control Admin Console.
- Though the setting menu is displayed as "Allow Camera," microphones are also allowed under the setting.
- You cannot separately give permission to camera and microphone in the App Policy Group.
- Users will be also required to give permission of  the use of camera and microphone on their device.
- By allowing the use of camera and microphone, you can use online meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet via HENNGE Secure Browser Desktop. However, please note that the support of the individual behavior of the tools are out of scope.


Permission Settings:

HENNGE Access Control Admin Console :



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