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This article is intended for administrators who are responsible for the initial configuration and operational management of HENNGE Cloud Protection.


This section describes the settings for [General], which is an item that can be configured in the HENNGE Cloud Protection policy.


1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of October 2022 and is revised accordingly without advanced notice.

2. The following procedures require HENNGE Cloud Protection admin permissions.

3. Policies can only be specified on a per-tenant basis.

Details / Procedures

This article describes the values that can be set in [Policies] - [General] in the left menu of the HENNGE Cloud Protection administration page. 

1. Turn on/off Real-time scanning

Set whether real-time scanning should be used for email messages and other Exchange items in the organization's mailboxes.

2. Trusted senders

When Email Addresses are added to this list, they are automatically set as trusted senders and their Emails will not be quarantined or deleted.
This function is turned off by default.

Alert warning will be displayed when harmful contents are detected("Low" severity )
Enabling this option, system will show an alert, when “low" severity contents are detected.
No action will be taken on the email item and it will be delivered to the recipient as is.

3. Trusted email sender addresses

[ 2. Trusted email sender addresses ] is set to on, Emails from Email Address sender in the list will not be quarantined or deleted.

4. Trusted sender domains

[ 2. Trusted sender domains ] is set to on, Emails sent from these domains will not be quarantined or deleted.

5. Quarantine

Select a time period after which quarantined items will be deleted automatically.
The default value is  [ 6 months ].
The following periods can be set:

• 1 month

• 3 months

• 6 months

• 1 year


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